"The single most important factor in an organizations success is the quality of its most precious asset - its people"
-Owner, Ron Loewenstein

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Expedient project completion to their complete satisfaction.
-L&A's Promise

About L&A

The single most important factor in an organization’s success is the quality of its most precious asset - people. Yet very few companies have the internal resources needed to search for, interview and present the most outstanding candidates. Often the best candidates are happily employed and successful in their current positions. As a result, some companies settle for key people who are less than outstanding, a decision that can cost them dearly.

It’s knowing where to look and whom to call. Whether you need to find one strategic hire or recruit a large group of people, Loewenstein & Associates has the knowledge, ability and skill to work as your partner and help accomplish your business objectives. In our search to find the best qualified candidates, time and time again, we deliver the long-term results our clients need.


The Highest Level of Commitment

Formed in 1985, Loewenstein & Associates has compiled a long list of satisfied clients who have discovered the benefits of retaining an executive search firm. As a retained firm, we make a unique promise to our clients: we will not do business with their competitors. As a result, we can search from a larger pool of candidates, and clients experience a greater sense of security knowing that once they’ve engaged us, we won’t recruit for their competitors.

Industries We Serve

We conduct executive search assignments for a broad spectrum of client companies seeking well-qualified executives in all functional areas. Although not concentrating in any one industry, we have conducted a significant number of engagements for companies whose principal business is the development, manufacturing, sales, marketing and distribution of technology products and services.

Our National & International Affiliates

To better serve clients, we have affiliates in every major market area in the country. These partners share our philosophy and commitment, allowing us to give clients the benefits of a nationally based pool of qualified candidates. As an added benefit to clients, we also conduct searches on an international basis. In all instances, a principal at Loewenstein & Associates interfaces with client companies and serves as the Project Manager to deliver the quality results that have become our trademark.

Our Approach


Strategy for Selecting the Right Candidate
Our search strategy allows us to select from a larger, more qualified universe of potential candidates than any client company can possess. Individuals are carefully selected and recommended after in-depth interviews are conducted and a comprehensive evaluation takes place. As many as 200 potential candidates may be identified and evaluated before we interview the best 10 to 20 individuals. Client companies are usually presented with three qualified candidates from whom to choose.


On Time, On Target Delivery
Time is money. Loewenstein & Associates always has a sense of urgency in filling an important position without compromising quality. Our proven methodology allows our clients to get results quickly. Utilizing a proprietary information retrieval system, we have access to thousands of pre-interviewed and pre-qualified candidates. In addition, we solicit the recommendations of industry experts, business and financial analysts, associations and market research firms.


Expert Guidance and Objectivity
We devote ourselves to a thorough understanding of our client companies so we can match their unique job requirements with those of candidates. But we also offer more. As a professional, third-party search firm, our expertise and objectivity allow us to keep our client companies apprised of what motivates today’s professionals and what factors influence their decisions. Additionally, our third-party status and objectivity usually enable us to present an opportunity to a prospective candidate more effectively than a potential employer.

Serving Our Clients Needs


The Value of Our Services
Executive management is the single most important competitive advantage in business. Companies invest years and millions of dollars grooming future leaders. They may also elect to conduct their own executive search(s), dedicating hundreds of man-hours in the process. When succession plans fail and internal resources just won’t do, Loewenstein & Associates’ quality service is the best solution. The right executive’s true value is measured by his or her contribution to the firm. Whether the measurement of benefits is reducing cost to hire or long- term value added -- we do it!


Our Committment to You
If internal promotion is not in the best long-term interest of your organization and its investors, allow Loewenstein & Associates to help you and your company be more productive in your executive search efforts. Whether you have a small company and are on your way to becoming an industry leader, or your company is an established leader and you want to maintain your industry position, Loewenstein & Associates is ready to find qualified people who can help you. We offer the highest personal and professional attention possible. We will provide the leadership, strategic thinking and measurable results you need to meet your staffing objectives.


Client Confidentiality
Our clients’ affairs are private and confidential, and they expect them to remain that way. They believe trust must be earned--they’re absolutely right. During the search process, proprietary information is often exchanged. The sensitive nature of this information is always respected and clients can depend on us to exercise the utmost discretion and confidentiality.

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Client Satisfaction
Our clients are interested in results and want to understand our process. For this reason, we provide regular progress reports throughout the search. Once an offer has been extended and accepted, we counsel the selected candidate to ensure a smooth transition into the job. This includes the resignation process, counteroffer prevention, relocation assistance and follow-up during the employee’s first few weeks in his or her new position. Part of our follow through also includes surveying the client company to ensure its complete satisfaction.